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This Gadget Protects your phone from overheating and cold weather

This phone case protects your device from overheating in the sun, extends battery life in cold weather, floats if dropped in water, and provides military-grade drop protection.



  • Reflects more than 90% of the sun's heat, protecting your device from overheating and permanent battery damage (Not designed to be left in a hot or cold car for more than 3 hours and also not designed to be used in a sauna ).

  • Extends your phone's battery life in cold conditions.

  • The water-resistant and splash-proof design floats if dropped in water.

  • protects your phone from drops up to six feet (1.8 meters).

  • The ultralight and thin form allows it to fit easily into your jacket or pants pocket for optimal thermal protection of your device.

  • The PHOOZY NASA technology will not interfere with cellular, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth signals.

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