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reMarkable Paper like writing, reading and sketching tablet

This reMarkable 2 tablet is an E-Ink writing tablet designed for reading documents and textbooks, sketching, and taking notes, with the purpose of providing a paper-like writing experience. It uses a 10.3-inch CANVAS display.



  • Paper-like writing - Feels and sounds like paper.

  • Convert your handwritten notes into text - Converting your handwritten notes into text allows you to easily reuse them in emails, reports, or presentations.

  • Organizes your notes - Keep all your notes in one place with practically unlimited pages and folders. Never lose track of your notes again. Use tags to bookmark key topics or important files so you can easily find them again later.

  • Easily access your files on different platforms - Access documents in popular cloud storage apps directly from your paper tablet. Includes Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive integration.

  • Long Battery life - 2 weeks of battery life.

  • Eye-friendly reading experience - Comfortably read PDFs or eBooks for hours without backlight, glare, or eye strain.

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