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A Smart Switch Bot

SwitchBot bot is a voice or app controlled gadget that mechanically turns your rocker switch and button on/off.


SwitchBot Bot Pros And Cons


  • It is simple to install because attaching it to a switch or button takes only seconds. It only takes a minute to add it to the app, and it takes a few minutes to add it to the hub.

  • The Switchbot bots work with a variety of buttons and switches and can push, pull, push and hold, and pull and hold buttons and switches.

  • Light switches, coffee machines, appliances, electronics, computers, and more can all be automated using the Switchbot bot.

  • It has a replaceable battery that lasts for roughly 600 days.

  • SwitchBot bot can be turned on and off according to schedules that you can set, and they even function while you are not in Bluetooth range.

  • SwitchBot bot is compatible with Google Assistant/Home, and Amazon Alexa.


  • The Bot cannot be made to turn on and off or to do a sequence of presses.

  • The Switchbot bots are not the prettiest or most invisible way to automate anything.

How to setup SwitchBot bot?

  1. Install the SwitchBot app.

  2. Ensure that the SwitchBot app has Bluetooth and location enabled.

  3. Register for a SwitchBot account or log in with an existing one.

  4. Pull the plastic battery isolation tab from the SwitchBot bot

  5. To add the Bot, click Add in the upper right corner of the app's homepage.

  6. Attach SwitchBot near a rocker switch or button you want to control.

Use the add-on if you'd want SwitchBot Bot to be able to push or lift the rocker switch to turn it on and off.

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