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LED Flashlight Gloves

The LED flashlight Glove is a flashlight that never falls and provides light where it is needed. It is made of strong durable neoprene that is long lasting and waterproof and is specifically designed for your left or right hand!

Features and Benefits of LED Flashlight gloves


  • Adjustable magic strap.

  • Easy turn on/off Button.

  • Made from a comfortable and stretchable neoprene material.

  • Powered by 2 button cells (Inserted).

  • You could use it with either your right or left hand.

  • Waterproof.

  • Super bright.


Allows you to shed light on tasks such as plumbing, electrical work, car repairs, fishing, reading, and writing when there is minimal light and no one to hold the flashlight for you.

How to wear it?

It's really simple to wear; simply insert your index and thumb fingers into each finger slot, then wrap it around your wrist and attach the Velcro loop and hook.

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